Friday, November 12, 2004

On Being There When It All Began

I wonder if 20 years from now, folks will say "remember 2004 when MoveOn PAC did its very first 'Leave No Voter Behind' campaign. It was new to MoveOn and new to the volunteers. Ultimately we lost that election. But we learned. We learned that there is a growing grassroots progressive movement in this country and that people want to be involved and want to make a difference. We found out that 'if you call, they will come.' Or perhaps I should say 'if you email, they will come.' We came together as a community and MoveOn PAC helped figure out how to take the power away from the corporations and the money and give democracy back to the people.

Now, 20 years later, we are getting good at it. But 2004 was when it all started. And we were there."

I wonder.


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