Sunday, November 07, 2004

Report #8 - Bringing it home

Now it is Sunday, October 31, Halloween - two days left. The goal of the the Leave No Voter Behind effort is now clearly focused on mobilizing thousands of voters, who already support Kerry, to actually vote. We are combining "feet-on-the-street" with database and Internet technology that constantly updates our walking lists of target voters. Provided the data gets entered into the database, voters who have already voted in Nevada can be eliminated from the list, together with bad addresses, Bush supporters, unregistered voters, etc. And now we hear there are some new voters who have been discovered by the data miners and added into our lists. Of course, it still remains to print out new lists and the crunch is upon us. Thousands of volunteers are furiously entering data all across the country and then trying to print out new lists. Some of the volunteers are computer savvy, some less so. For those from out of state, they need access to a computer and a fast Internet connection. We are advised to take the precaution of printing our old walk lists...just in case. My laptop is being used by others back at headquarters and still others are waiting for a computer to use. But I am lucky. I have printed out extra lists and maps generated by MapQuest before I even left the Bay Area to return to Las Vegas on Friday October 29. On Sunday and Monday I will use the older, less optimized lists. At many houses no one has ever answered the door. Now residents are really getting tired of all the canvassers. During this sprint to the finish, we can feel the sense of urgency rising. But we are also hearing from precinct voters that Kerry is going to win.


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