Friday, November 12, 2004

Report #10 - The Impossible Will Take a Little While

So how did we do? First let's look at the outcome of the election. Statewide the Nevada turnout was 77.59% or a total of 831,829 votes. In Clark County turnout was 79.91%. When the votes from all 1,802 voter precincts in Nevada were counted, Bush won with 50.04% of the vote. His margin of victory was 21,505 votes - 418,691 to 397,186.

In Clark County with 1042 of Nevada's precincts, Kerry won with 51.01% of the vote. His margin of victory was 26,430 votes - 281,767 to 255,337.

Precinct 7084 has 799 registered voters. 73% or 584 voted in this election. Almost half (47.9%) voted early. At the end of early voting on the Friday before election day, Kerry led Bush with 55% of the vote (154 to 118). On election day itself Kerry led Bush with 57% of the vote (140 to 91). With absentee ballots included Kerry got a total of 56% to Bush's 40%: 327 voted for Kerry and 234 voted for Bush.

Precinct 7071 has 632 registered voters of whom 78% or 493 voted. Kerry won this precinct with 63% of the vote - 312 to 170. At the end of early voting Kerry led with 60.3% of the vote (157 to 97) and on election day, Kerry won a stunning 68.4% of the vote - 145 to 62!

All the precinct results for Clark County can be found here. Nevada results are here.


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