Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lafayette Crosses: Sign Of Our Times

Photo by Hank Grebe

I like this photo by Hank Grebe because it highlights the flowers that people are starting to place at the Memorial.

Last night's meeting in Lafayette to discuss the memorial was standing room only with a surprising number of reporters, photographers and video news crews. The purpose of the meeting was not to make any decisions but rather to allow a forum to discuss the sign for the memorial and the memorial itself. The Mayor clearly wanted to give all speakers a chance to be heard and tried, unsuccessfully, to steer the discussion to the matter of the size of the sign rather than the content. Interestingly, the two speakers who did address the size pointed to the same issue: there are many signs in Lafayette including signs on the same road that violate the sign ordinance. Selective enforcement of the ordinance would certainly have the appearance of violating our country's laws protecting freedom of speech.

Photo by Brant Ward

I found Jeff Heaton and Lousie Clark (pictured above with husband John), two of the memorial's prime movers, to be eloquent, thoughtful and respectful. Listening to the two parents of boys killed in Iraq was heart wrenching. All four speakers supported the memorial. On the other hand, I was confused by the level of anger and hostility in the words of some of people who spoke out against the memorial. One speaker, Jim Minder, delivered a rant that accused the City Council and people of Lafayette of being duped into erecting a "sham memorial" by "a self-professed atheist and soybean socialist." He wore his hostility and disrepect on his sleeve which did nothing to gather support for his position.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Jason B. Johnson has a comprehensive report in today's paper. But Chronicle columnist Debra J. Sanders has written an ill informed opinion piece, perhaps designed to keep stirring the pot, but that mainly confirms that she does not know what she is talking about.

Finally check out Veterans For Peace who build Arlington West every weekend.

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