Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stop Treating Cuba Like It Is Stolen US Property

Today's Guardian has a good op-ed about Cuba:
"It may be as the pages of history are turned, brighter futures and better times will come to Cuba,' wrote Winston Churchill in 1895. 'It may be that future years will see the island as it would be now, had England never lost it - a Cuba free and prosperous under just laws and patriotic administration, throwing open her ports to the commerce of the world, sending her ponies to Hurlingham and her cricketers to Lords.'

It is nearly 250 years since Britain briefly occupied Cuba in 1762, but the island is still the object of ambitions entertained by more powerful nations. As Fidel Castro celebrates his 80th birthday with a picture and a message from his hospital bed, in frail health and with rumours as to the future governance of the country swirling around him, it is worth considering why Cuba has exercised such a fascination over the world for so long."


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