Tuesday, October 12, 2004

News From Abroad

We're back from Italy. We taveled with Kerry buttons prominently displayed and foreigners approached us in surprising numbers. Italians, Brits, Swiss, New Zealanders and Aussies all wanted to talk about the upcoming election. We were struck by the uniform attitude of sympathy for the American people and bewilderment at what has happened to our government. Everyone wanted to know how it could be that someone like George Bush is our President. Everyone wished us luck in defeating Bush. Last Friday on the subway in Rome, we gave our last extra Kerry button to a Brazilian student who begged us for the button and urged us to keep fighting. And Saturday night we had dinner with an Italian family intrigued by the big story in Europe that Bush was wearing a wire during the first debate. Sadly, it would seem that we are all diminished by this President.


Blogger Uncle Tom said...

I am cheered and heartened to have come across your blog in my prowls from blog to blog. As a Canadian, I am nervous as hell about what's happening below us in America. Mustn't interfere, however. It's your business, but what happens when a democracy becomes government of the few, by the few, for the few? Not to be alarmist, but should the Bush administration be returned, all of us had better watch our rights and freedoms. I sense something rotten in the States, a simmering stink that could erupt into trouble. I will bookmark your blog and look forward to reading it again.

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