Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Today's Doonesbury features a link to a shocking email from Wall Street Journal reporter Farnaz Fassih dated September 29, 2004. "What they mean by situation is this: the Iraqi government doesn't  control most Iraqi cities, there are several car bombs going off each day around the country killing and injuring scores of innocent people, the country's roads are becoming impassable and littered by hundreds of
landmines and explosive devices aimed to kill American soldiers, there are assassinations, kidnappings and beheadings. The situation,  basically, means a raging barbaric guerilla war. In four days, 110 people died and over 300 got injured in Baghdad  alone. The numbers are so shocking that the ministry of health -- which was attempting an exercise of public transparency by releasing the numbers -- has now stopped disclosing them." I urge you to read the full report on the disaster in Iraq.

Yesteday's Doonesbury points to a thoughtful letter from the son of President Eisenhower explaining why he will vote for John Kerry over George Bush.

The pattern reveals thoughtful citizens, including lifelong Republicans, turning against Bush.


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