Friday, June 14, 2013

Cyrus Eaton, Social Science, and Charlie Eaton - Berkeley

A fun crosspost from another blog I have for Thinkers Lodge about a little family history that inspires my son's intellectual curiosity and critical approach to powerful interests:
Prominent cold war critic and Thinkers Lodge founder Cyrus Eaton was an ardent supporter of social science that engaged pressing issues. Friendships with academics like John Dewey and Bertrand Russell nurtured this passion. Today, Eaton's passion for social science is carried forward by his Cyrus' great grandson Charlie Eaton at Berkeley where he is a PhD candidate in Sociology.

Here is a photo of Cyrus in the center and Dewey on the left.

And here's another photo with Russell on the left and Cyrus on the right:


Here's what Charlie has published so far:
  Popular Publications Interviews In the News
Reporters sometimes contact Charlie for stories on healthcare finance, college finance, labor, and student protest.  On his website, Charlie has links to an assortment of news stories for which he has been interviewed.  Most stories that have quoted Charlie during his Berkeley years have made it onto his Facebook timeline.  Here are some greatest hits:


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