Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lies My President Told Me

Here is the text of Bush's Address to the American Legion National Convention in Salt Lake City.

And here are three rather glaring inaccuracies from that speech.

"We're in a war we didn't ask for, but it's a war we must wage, and a war we will win." Well, not quite. Perhaps we did not ask for the war with Afghanistan but the Iraq War has been the neo-con wet dream for years.

"Democracies don't attack each other or threaten the peace." Hmmmm. Do you think that Bush could name the democracies in the Middle East? Do you think he knows which two were at war in July and August?

"But we should all agree that the battle for Iraq is now central to the ideological struggle of the 21st century. We will not allow the terrorists to dictate the future of this century -- so we will defeat them in Iraq." Wow, if we really believed we were in the ideological struggle of the 21st century, maybe we shouldn't have adopted the Rumsfeld strategy of "just enough troops to lose."

Thanks to John Hickman and his thoughtful OP-ED analysis of Bush's address and reality in the Middle East.


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